Embelezzia is a Weblogs SL publication dedicated to those who love luxury and exclusivity. The most select hotels, the most sought-after accessories, high street clothing, high-end cars… Everything at Embelezzia features a halo of uniqueness and the most select exquisiteness. Embelezzia is about style and luxury; it's a desire to talk about exceptional products, the best brands and the services that leave their mark on the most demanding of gourmets.




Two words: gastronomists and journalists. At Gastronomistas, readers may enjoy the experience of renowned gastronomy journalists who have worked on newspapers, cooking and trend magazines, digital platforms, gastronomy publishers and communications agencies who also exude passion for good food and drink.  This perfect combination is reflected in each one of the lines they write in their texts.


7 Caníbales


7 Caníbales offers a place for debate and reflection where both journalists who are a part of it as well as other sector authorities (from chefs, producers and other gastronomy and wine production professionals to restaurant owners, gastronomists and other stakeholders) may openly express themselves.  7 Caníbales aims to differentiate itself from other gastronomy blogs with the opinions and thoughts of their authors although it has gone about adding new areas with recipes, topics related to winemaking and cocktails and opinions and interviews.  It is already a reference in the sector and is read every day by thousands of people on the web and through the social networks.


The Gourmet Journal


At just 24 years old, the blogger, chef and wine waiter Manu Balanzino has not only become a renowned expert on all of these subjects but is also the creator of The Gourmet Journal, a complete digital wine and gastronomy newspaper with news, recipes, events and interviews with chefs among other content.

This varied and complete offer recently won him recognition from the television channel Canal Cocina with the prize for the best “Gastronomy blog”.




Alexei Onegin combines his two passions in Arborio: cooking and travelling. He does it with a balanced and scientific approach to provide a glimpse of the complexity involved in cooking and healthy diets all while offering stories about restaurants around the world and the personalities who frequent them.





YOYO, works as a freelance writer and photographer. She has her own columns in many lifestyle, tourism and gourmet magazines. She has been invited to press trip to travel and experience local culture and cuisine, by many country's Tourism Board. Her blog visitors more than 300million,it's ranked first and the most influential Food Life blog in CHINA. She cook ,bake, develop recipes and share with her readers.