Barcelona, Spain

When Mey Hofmann decided to establish this culinary school in Barcelona after spending time in kitchens around the world, she had no idea it would become one of the top culinary references in and outside Spain. The quality offered in these classrooms was made evident in 2004 when the restaurant associated with the school received a Michelin Star. In recent years, the talent at the school has also been acknowledged with the Prize for the Best Artisan Croissant, the prize Time Out awards to the best gastronomic offerings in Barcelona in addition to many other prizes. Besides the school and the restaurant, Hoffman is also the name of one of the most prestigious pastry shops in Barcelona.


Escuela de Hostelería y Turismo de Madrid

Madrid, Spain

This historic culinary school offers its students the opportunity to enter into direct contact with the work world through its restaurant while they are training. At the same time, diners may sample any of their creations along with one of the wines from the school’s cellar. There is also a VIP area if clients are looking for some privacy. This combination has led it to obtaining the Gold Plate for Tourism Merit awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Information and Tourism as well as the Silver Medal for Training from the Regional Government of Madrid, among other acknowledgements.


Institut Paul Bocuse

Écully, France

Founded by the Chef of the Century, Paul Bocuse, and presided by Gérard Pélisson, the Paul Bocuse Institute offers studies about Hotel Management, Catering and Accommodation and Culinary Arts, both Bachelor and Master categories. Integrating tradition, modernity, innovation and investigation, with the main aim of keeping the excellence. With that requirement, explores the technical and administrative knowledges necessaries for preparing its students, 460 of them coming from almost 40 different nationalities, in what is one of the best careers of the world.


École Hotelière de Bonneveine de Marseille

Marseille, France

This French lyceum offers its students a method based on the discipline and rigour that have earned it recognition from the French culinary world. Besides its academics, it offers its students the possibility of gaining their first contacts with the working world at the restaurants owned by the school.


Westminster Kingsway College

London, United Kingdom

This prestigious London institute, which is known as one of the major schools responsible for offering training in the sector, has been awarded with the English Training Quality Standard. With a focus on its students’ careers, the school has been making a difference for more than a century. Many courses are available as part of its academic offering and some of its former students include distinguished, renowned chefs. 


University of West London

London, United Kingdom

Situated between the cities of London and Reading, this university offers culinary studies that have earned it prestigious recognition from the Academy of Culinary Arts, the French Culinary Association and the Craft Guild of Chefs of Great Britain. Because they know how important it is for students to continue learning as they work, the University of West London offers the opportunity to train at the restaurant Pillars upon completing their studies. For two years, this prestigious restaurant has been named a Training Restaurant by the Restaurant Magazine. 


The International Culinary Center

New York, United States

The International Culinary Center, one of the most respected gastronomy schools in the world, was founded by Dorothy Cann Hamilton who is considered a culinary reference. Their way of understanding gastronomy has earned this prestigious school the Award of Excellence and the Vocational Cooking School of the Year three times by decision of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Understanding and feeling gastronomy in all its splendor allows students of The International Culinary Center to acquire a unique level of knowledge so they may become great internationally renowned chefs.


Le Cordon Bleu

Miami, United States

This school's century of experience allows it to combine the discipline and rigour of traditional schools with new culinary trends and innovations. The school has 30 centres all over the world and 17 campuses in the United States which means it is one of the most recognised and international schools. This exchange of knowledge makes it possible for its students to expand their knowledge in addition to their job prospects.


Swissam Hospitality Business School

Saint Petesburg, Russia

Is one of the best hotel management schools in Switzerland with a campus in Saint Petersburg. The school's student body comes from all over the world. In order to form the best chefs and kitchen managers, it has fantastic facilities and an educational model that combines experience and Swiss excellence. It has also been awarded several seals of approval confirming its quality such as the IMI seal (awarded by the British Accreditation Council), the ISO seal and the QQQ seal (a Swiss tourism quality seal). It is no doubt a guarantee for professionalism and success.


Ragout School

Moscow, Russia

This prestigious university received the title “University of the Future” by the government of Russia.  It has also won several prizes that distinguish it as one of the best universities in the country. They offer professional Haute Cuisine studies through laboratory technologies and the best equipment to satisfy all of their students.


Shanghai Institute of Tourism

Shanghai, China

It pertains to Shanghai Normal University which is one of the most important public universities in China. A member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), it is one of the most prestigious schools in the world in the tourism field. It is also a member of the T10 League of Tourism of China which is the tourism elite and a member of the Star Alliance China. It is a real reference for other centres in the world which has fostered the signing of international collaboration agreements. These permit the exchange of students who may thus strengthen their knowledge and talent all while spreading the thousand-year old Asian culinary tradition.


Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School

Beijing, China

In 1983, it became one of the first Chinese schools to open up its doors to foreign students. Nowadays, more than 4.000 students from more than 20 countries can be found in its classrooms. Right from the beginning, it has been committed to high quality gastronomy without forgetting its origins which has made it a reference for excellence in and outside China.